Royal – “Royal’s Theme”

After releasing two refixes that topped the charts of Hypem, Royal is back with a potent new original record. “Royal’s Theme” is the debut single off his forthcoming Cycles EP and is laced with the producers beautifully creative stylings. The record is filled with luscious synthesizers, a handful of smoothly cut vocal samples, huge percussion sounds that help keep the march of the tempo, and an overall powerful vibe that can be felt throughout. “Royal’s Theme” is the perfect introductory track to build your anticipation for Royal’s upcoming project Cycles. Don’t sleep on this dude, and stream his latest masterpiece below:

LOLO BX Feat. Mayo – “Too Curious”


Mayo is back at it again with a fresh new release, this time a collaborative record with Aussie production duo LOLO BX. “Too Curious” is one of the first [maybe THE first] hybrid release on Australian indie label Die High Records, one of the most promising upcoming collectives down under, following in the footsteps of Future Classic… Be sure to look into their prior releases if you haven’t already their gonna be making some huge moves this year, I guarantee it. This is a perfect summertime jam, so enjoy this song while there is still some summer left! Free Download on this one, be sure to cop that after streaming below.

[Official Video] “Try It Out” By Skrillex & Alvin Risk


Ever have nightmares that include clowns, mimes, priests, demons & more? Well whether you have or haven’t this video is an original piece of work for Grammy winning electronic producer Skrillex alongside synthesizing mastermind Alvin Risk for their collaboration of “Try It Out” from Sonny’s album Recess. I posted about the song itself a while back but this 4 min film gives it new life and perspective. Turns out Skrill & Risk are doing a gig for a mob-king’s son for his birthday and this is how it went…or did it. Everything from Asians lighting candles to mixing on phonographs, this Tony T. Datis directed, Inkk produced video is awesome. All hail.

Stream it here via Skood

[Visuals] WebsterX – “Renaissance” (feat. Lex Allen & D. Bridge)


Milwaukee emcee WebsterX is back with a fresh new music video for his record “Renaissance” that features Lex Aleen and D. Bridge. Some wild ass visuals for this one, so be sure to scope the new video below and get familiar with this upcoming artist because I see a bright future ahead for him.

Dowrong – “Shooters” [Prod. Eric Dingus]


Dowrong is an upcoming Austin, TX based rapper who is starting to build a buzz in the Southern part of the country as well as the hip-hop blogosphere. He is getting ready to release a new project titled The Dowrong EP which is set up to be solely produced by fellow Texan and master beatsmith, Eric Dingus. Dingus has received praise on his production style from countless well-respected media outlets like Complex Magazine, Noisey & HotNewHipHop [just to name a few] and has also been co-signed by Octobers Very Own, the label ran by Drake and his producer  Noah “40” Shebib. The two released the first record, “Worry Bout Me,” off The Dowrong EP not long ago and the hard hitting track is sitting at just under 20,000 plays in under a month. This weekend they’ve decided to drop the second single off their collaborative project titled “Shooters” and you can stream it now below. The atmospheric back beat keeps an eerie yet laid back vibe but as the song progresses in comes a plucked stringed instrument that will hypnotize you into nodding your head, almost as much as the chorus, alongside some west coast-influenced synthesizers that sound out of this world.

Chance The Rapper – “Wonderful Everyday: Arthur”


Chance The Rapper surprised everyone with a new song yesterday and we couldn’t be happier, we’ve been jonesing for some music to surface by the Chicago musician for months now. From his live Social Experiment set he has decided to release “Arthurs Theme,” originally written by Ziggy Marley as “Believe in Yourself.” Of course, we all know this tune as the theme from one of our favorite childhood shows Arthur. Chance brings along Wyclef Jean, Francis & The Lights, Jesse Ware, Elle Varner, Eryn Allen Kane, The O’my’s, Peter Cottontale and Donnie Trumpet to feature on this track with him and the concoction of sounds is beautiful. Steering away from his go-to hip-hop sound, this song is more of a melodic jazz rendition on the original and will have you smiling from ear to ear even on the worst of days. Definitely give it a listen – I have had it on repeat since yesterday. Oh, and don’t forget that Chance will be performing a live broadcasted set on Sunday August 3rd at Lollapalooza. This is something you don’t want to miss! Listen below:

Article written by Dan Awad.

Cassie – “Long Way To Go” (Two Can Remix)


Australian producers Two Can are nice with it. I’ve listened to most of their catalog via Soundcloud over the course of the past week after shown their latest release, a glistening remix of “Long Way To Go” originally by Cassie that turned me into a fan of Two Can’s music for good after only a couple listens. Smooth hints of jersey club are placed throughout the post trap backbone of this edit and it is sounding great, a perfect introductory song to put on any listeners who are unfamiliar with these Aussie’s potent sound. Check it out: