Avicii “Levels” (Skrillex Remix) & Avicii “Levels” Music Video

Well this was bound to happen sooner or later. One of the biggest new electronic acts Avicii is finally being remixed by the new age dubstep king, Skrillex. Although it is shitty quality in the video below, it shows you the idea Skrillex has so far for a remix of the original electro banger. Stoked to hear the studio quality version of AviciiLevels” (Skrillex Remix), it will drop soon enough if he is playing it out at shows already, so stay tuned! Watch the performance below:

Also, today Avicii dropped the offical music video for his worldwide anthem “Levels” the music video is pretty funny and awesome, and fits the song perfectly. The epicness of the song would be a perfect song to quit your job/ fuck shit up to in your work place! Peep the video below:

3 thoughts on “Avicii “Levels” (Skrillex Remix) & Avicii “Levels” Music Video

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