Another Happy Violence Remix

I’ve heard Happy Violence by Dada Life entirely too many times. I mean I really dug the track at first and still do but I’m all too familiar with the song. Ever since a couple of comrades and I won a fan music video contest Dada Life held for the vocal version of Happy Violence, the song has been permanently etched in my brain. It was a good experience, I’d never boughten so many bottles of champagne and bananas in my life. Totally worth it. Anyway, Happy Violence ended up being one of the most remixed electronic tracks of 2011. Dada Life even held a remix contest in which Special Features won. Needless to say, I’ve heard mad remixes of Happy Violence, but this remix by Timo Juuti & Hector 87 really had me going. The glitchy bass slaps and discotheque rhythms behind those vocals sound pretty dope. The synth solo at the end is just killer and has a very Madeon like sound to. See for yourself. Listen too and download below

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