Regg “Bella Blues”

With their fan base slowly increasing daily, up and coming collaborative group Regg has dropped yet another dope bluesy-hip hop track. “Bella Blues” like most of the bands music has a real catchy guitar lick, a funky bass line, and some solid vocals. At first this song reminded me of The Killers a lot (especially the end as they all sing together) but as it picks up, although it takes more than half the song, when dude starts rapping it turns into an ultimate hit. I love their style and sound as a whole, it makes me happy. This song, and pretty much all their music for that matter is definitely some #GMM so listen to Regg’s newest song “Bella Blues” below

“…The Strokes meets Dr. Dre…”

UPDATE: After getting 500 likes on their FB, Regg have released another track off their upcoming EP they’ve been working on in the studio lately. Another chill song, Listen to “I Know We’re Not Perfect” here

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