J. Cole & Diggy Simmons Back At It

Despite word that the two had squashed their differences this past June, it looks like J. Cole is taking aim Diggy Simmons. The Roc Nation emcee recently called out Diggy’s low album sales in a freestyle live in concert.

“Picture me hating on a young nigga with talent/Album flopped, but it’s cool, he caked out on his allowance,” rapped Cole.

The bad blood between the two originally started after Cole made lewd comments about Diggy’s older sister Vanessa, with whom Cole attended college.

Here we go again. After J.Cole threw a subliminal shot at Diggy in North Carolina, RUN’s baby boy returns fire with a new diss. The song begins at the 1:53 mark. Tyrese is ‘gon love this. (He’s grown).

Sidebar: When a rapper is ready to release a song, it’s usually done through different avenues. Labels, artists, websites, blogs or radio stations might usually release cuts. However, for his latest track, J. Cole preferred getting his song “I’m a Fool” released by a fan.

When the fan in question [@sultanofswatt on Twitter] asked Cole if “I’m a Fool” had been released in full, Cole replied by saying the song hadn’t been out yet. Then Cole asked if the fan wanted the cut. He followed up by asking for the fan’s e-mail and then delivering the track soon after.

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